One Week To Go!!

the sexy santa assistants were there to take a...

Wow! Can you believe that it’s only 107 sleeps until Christmas already??? It feels like just yesterday was January and now there are three months left in the year.  This week I’m focusing on setting up my countdown blog.  I try to do one every year, but I hardly ever stick to it since I get so busy  with preparing for Christmas. Which is why this year instead of the usual 30 day countdown I’ve opted for 100 days.  I’ve got tons of crafts and recipes and tutorials saved and ready to try out this season and I can’t wait to share them with you! I know most countdown blogs stick to decorations, recipes, and gifts, but mine is a bit different, in that in addition to gifts, recipes, and decorations I will have the stuff you maybe don’t really think about until it’s the day before a party or get together, like clothes and make up, or a hostess gift. Not things you usually see in a countdown blog, but there is nothing worse than having a party sprung on you with no warning and you end up wearing something you don’t like, or fit in, or isn’t ‘fancy’ enough for a holiday party! My goal is to make sure you and I are as prepared as one can get, for any situation. So be prepared for Black Friday game plans, healthy (ish) eating, and even some safety tips. I  want you to have the best holiday season you can, and that means there will be some maybe not so festive posts, but they are for good reason!


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