And So It Begins!

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Christmas is in exactly 100 days! Doesn’t feel like it down here in AZ, with a high of 99 today though! Which means the 100daystochristmas blog is up and active! You should really check t out if you want to try for a big and grand Christmas. You get one really simple task a day that would normally be causing you crazy anxiety in a couple months, and you just wonder how it never occurred to you! Like, instead of ripping apart your desk to find the envelope of the birthday card your friend from out of town sent you for their address and it’s a week before Christmas, start gathering addresses months ahead! Today we’re supposed to set up our binder, but ‘m going paperless this year. So I’ve got a bookmark folder called Christmas, and if necessary, I’ll make a Word Document too. I’m really excited for this year just because I’ve got such a headstart already, with all the blogs, and the fact that I’ve already started making my gifts.

What I’m really excited about is trying out all these recipes I’ve got saved. I’ve got about a hundred desserts alone, and not counting the ones  usually make! I’m also excited for all the travelling, since before we’d all pile into three cars and trundle along to Winterhaven, or Apple Annie’s, and it’d be hot and quiet and uncomfortable. But now that we’ve got this huge van, everyone can go together! Usually we end up shoving a ton of apples and pumpkins into every nook and cranny of our cars, which inevitably produces squished people and fruits. It’ll also make Black Friday much easier. Shoving a trampoline into the already stuffed trunk of a Trooper is Not Fun.


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