About Amber

Hey there! I’m Amber and this is my Countdown blog for Christmas 2013 2017! I am 24 years old in the super fun ( and by ‘super fun’ I mean beige and hot) Arizona. I have four dogs, three cats, and one very close family. Seriously. We all get together for Labor Day. This is what happens when your entire family lives in the same town I guess.

A bit more about me:


Bo Jangles, Christmas 2016

I am addicted to QVC, and if I had less restraint I would blow all my money on their stuff. I love holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving and Halloween are my favorites because everyone is nicer and happier, and just better this time of year. While the weather has yet to change (it’s still monsoon season!) There is a definite sense of fall in the air. Probably all the pumpkin spiced things! While my hometown is not the most picturesque of places to spend the holidays, I haven’t let that deter me. I’ve got a bunch of cool crafts planned for decorating, gifts, countdowns, and more! Not to mention some pretty awesome recipes I’m super stoked to try out!! I’ll also be participating in the 100 Days To Christmas countdown this year As of 2015, 100 Days Of Christmas has ceased their blog updates, and now only puts out the eBook. Hopefully this year they bring them back, but if not, I’ll just make it up as I go!  So I hope you enjoy my blog, and have a great holiday season!


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