Braided Bracelets

This post is really so I can get the hang of formatting my tutorial posts. Today we’re just whipping up some super simple t-shirt bracelets. I have a pile of about seven or eight shirts that don’t fit me/or are stained, and they’ll be perfect for this! Also, this tutorial is geared more towards bracelets for smaller wristed people, or people who don’t mind a snug bracelet. You can certainly adapt this tutorial for larger bracelet, though, just use more fabric/ribbon!

Directions (Using Shirt Strips):


  • Shirts (contrasting colors and patterns are fun! Also, avoid thin sweater type fabrics,  or things that tend to shed. I tried to use a little sweater and it just fell apart and looks kind of like sad pink burlap!)
  • Scissors (I stole my sister’s)
  • Needle and tread (I used a neutral color, but colored thread could be cute if you’re not like me, and can actually do a neat stitch job!)
  • Safety pin (or clipboard, if you have one)
  1. Cut your shirts into strips if equal lengths. If you cut your shirts horizontally you shouldn’t need any more or any less fabric. Don’t worry if the edges aren’t straight, it just adds character!
  2. Stack three strips of fabric on top of each other and attach to clipboard or safety-pin. f you’re using a safety-pin, just close it around a shoelace or something similar. I stuck mine into the upside down cardboard box that is acting as my craft table until we get a bigger place!
  3. Braid away!
  4. Once you have just enough fabric leftover to create a small loop (not too small; you should be able to see through it) cease braiding.
  5. Now you need your thread and needle. Just stitch the smallest end around where the braiding ends, get it out of the way. You can also snip it out, but wrapping in give a cleaner look.
  6. Now stitch the remaining ends closed, creating a full loop.
  7. Nearly done! Now take the other end of your bracelet and fold over the unbraided ends to where the braiding begins and stitch it together, creating a ball-shaped doohicky. This is how you will close you bracelet, so make sure your ball doohicky fits snugly in your loop.
  8. All done! Put on the bracelet and show it off!

Directions (Using Ribbon)


  1. Tie a knot in your ribbon directly in the middle.
  2. Take one end of the ribbon, and tie it around the middle knot.
  3. Do the same with the other end.
  4. Take one loop and braid it with the individual sides of the other loop. (I held the knot in my mouth. It actually got me a neater braid and a good loop for the closure!)
  5. Once you run out of finger space for braiding, tie the end half way. (so not the normal double twist knot, just one twist)
  6. The other end of the ribbon braid should have a medium-sized loop.
  7. You’re done! Put the bracelet on your wrist and slip the knot through the loop.

These are really fun to do, and you can make  pretty good-sized collection in very little time with very little effort! I know the girls in my family, especially my 12-year-old cousin Chloe and my 13-year-old sister Genevieve will love these! I’m going with a jewelry theme for the ladies this Christmas, I think!

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