So Much Planning

So all of last week’s 100 Days to Christmas tasks were about planning; budgeting, gift lists, and the like. Which is great, except I’ve had all that planned for months! Granted, it’s pretty simple, keeping to a budget, when all of your gifts are homemade, and your list of people to buy for is less then 15.  My budget is a pretty roomy $150 total, with (ideally) $30 for supplies for each set of gifts. Right now I’m super under budget, but I also have only bought supplies for one gift, the rings. All together, for the ring blanks, caviar beads, and embellishments I think I spent just over $15.  Probably Definitely could have gotten cheaper stuff if i’d gone to an actual store, but i like the variety I get shopping online.

I’m also supposed to get out all of my Fall/Halloween decorations and put them up, but i have none of those. And it’s much too early n the season to get a pumpkin. The heat would rot it before next week!

Today we’re supposed to make something with apples. Know what Amber doesn’t have? Fricking apples. I am appleless. I was kind of expecting something more along the lines of organizing things and cleaning, rather then all this planning, when it’s so early in the season you don’t have all the information you need to plan these things. Especially if you have any fall birthdays. Making a gift list is swell, at the right time. Not when half your family was born in fall and they end up receiving your brilliantly planned gift from someone else  for their birthday and you’re back to square one.