The Family

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This is my family. Well, my immediate family. There’s also a step grandma, step aunt, and various boyfriends and girlfriends. But these are the ever holiday, every birthday, every long weekenders. My aunt and uncle host all of the holidays since they have the biggest house, and we all bring food items when needed. So here’s just a quick rundown of how we McLain-Penttila-Lees send the holiday season!

First we have the catalyst holiday- Halloween. This s the one that kick starts the entire season and sets the flow. We start planning and making our Halloween costumes on Labor day, which is usually celebrated in one of our town’s many thrift shops, gathering supplies. (The last five years we’ve been really big on group costumes, including Beauty and the Beast, the Labyrinth, and Alice in Wonderland. This year we are doing decades. ) Some weekends in October we get together and sew like crazy, and we all meet up at Cory and Linda’s for the big night. Trick or treating is a given. (Despite being 20, I still pass as someone young enough to get candy šŸ˜‰ )

Next is the easiest holiday, IMO- Thanksgiving. Linda takes care of pies and other desserts, Cory does the turkeys and apps, I do breads and muffins, and everyone else brings the usual suspects- green bean casserole, mac and cheese, stuffing… While everything is being set up, of course the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on, and the younger kids areĀ flocked around the TV waiting for Santa! Once the parade is over the TV is turned off and the littler kids make place mats for everyone. Then we eat!! I sit at the kids table, just because Mercedes is t that stage where she’s ‘totally too old to sit with the kids’, plus, the kids don’t hound me about work and my non-existent love life! Afterwards we kind of just lay around and veg until our food settles. And then we strategize for It. Black. Friday.

Every newspaper our town publishes blankets the dining room table and chairs. Sharpies fill every hand as we flip through them, marking possible gifts. And then, at 10pm, me, my aunts, and Mercedes head for the first store on our list.

The last holiday i my favorite- Christmas. But I will tell you all about our Christmases in an actual post at a later date!


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