November 2nd, 2017- Evening

Two posts in one day, how ambitious of me! But my day went so nicely, I wanted to share. It’s not often I get a relaxing afternoon off from work, let me tell you. I either get off so late that my entire day is gone and I have nothing to do but watch half an episode of Bob’s Burgers and pass out, or I’m still getting off that late, but I also had to wake up insanely early, so I got no morning time in, either (which will be my day tomorrow- 8:30am to 6:00pm). But today I went in at 8am, was off the clock and on the bus back home by 12:30, and in the door by 3:00pm! It was sooo nice, I wish I could afford that work schedule, lol! It gave me time to do more post moving fun- unpacking, cleaning, unpacking AND cleaning- and get an early start on dinner, since I had the time, and I had a new recipe I wanted to try for creamed corn (will post tomorrow morning- was not impressed tbh). 

I cannot tell you how hard it is to cook dinner for a family of three in a tiny kitchen with one working burner and exactly zero working ovens. Tonight I cooked dinner on a fully functional stove, and even heated up an apple cobbler in the oven which also works!! Imagine that! Granted, we were eating off of Christmas dinnerware because we haven’t gotten anything else, and we drank Fresca right out of the bottle because our three glasses are in the dishwasher right now, but progress. 

I think moving at this time of year is multiplying my excitement for the holidays. I’m so thrilled to just sit and think about all the dumb stuff I get to worry about in the coming weeks because we own our home and it’s the holidays. Like, I want to be able to complain to another teacher at work about all the cooking I have to do to satiate my visiting relatives, or how I just can’t find that one blown fuse in my christmas lights, or grumble about not having any privacy because the house is so full. That sounds like a wonderful set of complaints to have, coming off of too many Christmases spent feeling left out, inadequate, and guilty.